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Simplify3D Software

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I use S3D to slice my designs, and use Sketchup for my layout of designs.....

S3D is a really good program there are others that are free and I've tried some of them but keep coming back to S3D.
It is a pay for product but it has some features that make life easy, such as multiple process' that allow you to specify
sections (layers) to get better results.
ie. if you have a block that is 1"square and want to make the first 3 layers print at a slower rate you add process'
and each process has it's own criteria. This is very handy to allow the lower layers stick to the build plate and get a better
first few layers to build on...
And if you have a middle section with 'infill' set to 10% this allows for faster printing, then set higher sections to 20% for strength..

been working with this for about 5 yrs and it is a nice program but as I mentioned it is a pay for, and Rev 5 (I think) is coming out soon
at least it has been in the works for a year or so....

if you have questions, let me know I may be able to share my experience if you run into issues...

You can download a free trial at Simplify3D..

Not sponsored byt S3D, Just like the software..
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