Charles L. Terra Ph.D.
USAF Veteran
Listed here are just a few of the most common items used to get your PCjr up and running.
many other sites have a wealth of support software.   Email with any shareware software
that you would like to see here, send it to admin@pcjribm.com.

    File name                                                  Description

 jrconfig.zip                  PCjr device driver - VER 3.10   Offers many config variables.

 lpt_test.com                 Parallel port test reports bi-directional and LPTx  ( Klaus Peichl )

 mips.com                     Speed reporter based on comparison to other computers

 DOS5Patch.pdf            How to patch DOS5 to use on the PCjr

 mouse704.zip               Mouse driver for serial mouse, many other flavors are available

 infoplus.zip                   Very complete utility to look at all aspects of your running system.

 tandtest.com                 Test your system for the Tandy Mod, show the board is working

 xted.exe                        Small DOS Editor
 q.exe                            DOS Editor, with a few more features

 palmzip.sys                   Allows a ZIP-100 drive to work with your parallel port
                                        (visit Klaus Peichl's site for download and license ) 

' more to be added as time permits and users request '