Monitor Repair

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Monitor Repair

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From JamesO
I have pictures of my PCjrs I will put up. I have to get them out of storage again as soon as I can. Both of my monitors are not functional but I recently got the CGA to VGA adapter from TexElec. The PCjrs monitors need new capacitors based on the acrid smell.
I have repaired a couple of my Jr monitors, One came in the mail with little packing, anf the case was cracked from a hard hit,but
the biggest issue with shipping CRTs is shipping them on their sides / back/ upside down, UGH this puts the flyback transformer hanging in the
air or side and any hit will / can cause a board fracture..

I was determined to fix this badly broken monitor so completely tore it down and was able to properly glue the case back and
more importantly get at all the insides to repairs broken board traces and clean the knobs with contarct cleaner..

I replaced ALL the caps 'electrolytic' , even those on thr YOKE assembly had been hit hard that the solder joints were fractured visably.

I cleaned the ouside case with Fabuloso, which really works well for me, and cleaned the inside case and entire Monitor tube that
had many years of electristatic gunk attatched..

i had one solder bridge when testing ( no vertical ) but fixed that and now this monitor that by all means should have been trashed
has the best picture and is my workhorse monitor for my Jr testing.... It was a great save....

So before you just open the trash lid, maybe donate to a fellow Jr owner that will take the time to revive these older great
Monitors and keep,them in the game....

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