PC-Sprint board

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PC-Sprint board

Post by KenEG »

I was looking at your post about the Hotshot II. We don't need this with the JR-IDE, but I was wondering if a similar approach could be done for the PC-Sprint. The plus side would be much simpler installation. Minus might be heat. Any reason this couldn't or shouldn't be done?
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Re: PC-Sprint board

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The PCSprint board is a unique animal, as it works directly with the mother board oscillator circuit, so it can't be moved from its location,
but good thought..

PCE made an excellerator board that was a plug in to the processor socket, similar to the Hot Shot board but ifI recall gave the JR
am x286 flavor.....

I will try to find more info on that.

But I really like the idea of expanding the JR , design wise, I am always up for a challenge so keep the ideas coming....
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