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This is the Rev 'C' I did of Alan Hightower's board, (great design).
you can find more info at Alan's site, a wealth of information!

Alan's board has given the PC Jr the most powerful boost to the Jr folks that I know of.
It has brought to the community the ability to use a hard drive with expanded memory and clock all in one sweet platform.

I currently used his open source design and pushed it to a SMT design, as my thought was that most folks just want the
benefit from the board, and are not really interested in building one from scratch as Alan's initial design had allowed.
Now the idea of making a design user friendly in a community of folks that like to 'build' was the exact right path.
Alan offered this a kit and that was a great path for the hands on group, plus building thru hole boards for the masses is a real task.
I would be interested in how many folks actually did build the kit :) (great fun)

Alan has suspended making these boards, I believe he has hand made in excess of 250+, so well done in supporting the folks! :)
Texelec is now selling these at a great price, Kevin has picked up the maker space and is now supporting the JR folks and it is
much appreciated!
Support Kevin and wife Sara, they are wonderful folks and have many products for the JR and other platforms at their site.

Here is my Rev 'C' board

Here is TEXELEC Rev 'A' board
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