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Building on the IBM PCjr platform offer your thoughts to expand it capabilities
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Share your ideas

Post by chuckphd53 »

There are so many talented folks out there, with great ideas, share your thoughts on how to make the JR better and start a discussion. :)
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Re: Share your ideas

Post by psergiu »

How to make PCjr Nicer:

Cartridge slot Blinkenlights ! Miniature version of the Legacy Expansion chassis front panel:
Cartridge PCB with a few 74LSwhatever buffer chip, resistor packs and LEDs ! Lots of LEDs, visible from the front for:
And maybe CS3...CS7 behind an inverter ? Will CS6 & CS7 LEDs light up whenever the on-board BIOS ROMs are accessed ?
All of them blinking whenever the PCjr is doing something.
No L-trace for the A02 RESET pin so it can be plugged and unplugged "hot"

Useless but nice :)

If A15...A19 would have been available on the Cartridge connector, a nicer one with LS138s and LED bar graph could have been made to show which part of the memory is being accessed.
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