Radio Shack COCO

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Radio Shack COCO

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WOW.... ( psergiu ) I just noticed you had a COCO listed in your computer list...

Had a friend lived across the street from me in 85 when I had my first Jr, bought new at Computerland in Houston, Tx.

If I remember correctly the COCO and Commodore 64 was the biggies for the BBS crowd.....

I had my BBS, written in Basic running on my Jr with two Floppies...
and a 1200 Baud HAYES modem ($400 new) yikes.. but wow the speed step up over 300 baud..

Loved that busssss.....chirp connect sound of someone calling into the BBS and downloading some 34K utility I had on Floppy drive #2.
and it only took 10-20 minutes to download :lol:

(is this what they call midlife crisis) I think I'm late !!
“I never commit to memory anything that can easily be looked up in a book.” (AE)
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