DOS 5 Install

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DOS 5 Install

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Installing DOS 5.x

You will need to PATCH your DOS Boot disk by using the following instructions...
You will need to use DEBUG and be familiar with that utility, but it is pretty easy.

DOS 5 is a little bigger then using earlier dos versions, I think most folks prefer 3.x etc...
I found it works good with the JRIDE so I don't mind the few extra bytes it takes....
especially with the 640K the JRIDE affords us, ( thank you Alan ) :)

There is also a way to patch FORMAT.COM so it will automatically transfer the patch when you format a disk,
but I do not know how this is done, so if you do.... Please post that solution here !

There is also a PATCHDOS.EXE that Jim (Trixter) wrote, I have not tried it but I am sure it works, Jim is a really good software guy... 8-)
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